4-Year Graduation Guarantee

How the Guarantee works:

  • C-SC offeres courses strategically to comply with what students need.
  • Advisors offer students personal one-on-one attention. The advisor-student ratio is 15 to 1.
  • Academic support services is offered to assist students.
  • Degree audits to track progress.

In the event that a student has met all eligibility requirements and is unable to complete the degree in four years or less, the College will not charge the student any tuition applicable to credits earned after the fourth year that are required to complete the degree
 program. This guarantee applies to tuition only.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a first-time freshman. (Dual credit courses and AP course are accepted.)
  • Must maintain continuous, full-time enrollment over eight consecutive semesters.
  • Must declare a major with which to graduate with by the end of the second 12-week session of the freshman year (those declaring a majoring in athletic training or any other major with education certification, must declare a major starting the beginning of the first semester).
  • Must meet and follow the advice of an academic advisor prior to registering each semester.
  • Must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours per academic year.
  • Must maintain the necessary GPA requirement for a major and remain in good academic standing.
  • Must meet with registrar for a formal degree audit during the first semester of the junior year as well as the semester prior to graduation.


  • Part-time students
  • Students with a double-major or minors requiring coursework beyond eight semesters
  • Transfer students
  • Students whose graduations are delayed for failure to make full payment of fees
  • Students whose graduations are delayed by externally mandated changes in requirements
  • Nursing majors
  • Online Campus students
  • Students majoring in biology with unified science education

For students to qualify, they must complete the 4-Year Graduation Agreement by the time set forth for their majors and have the proper signatures on it.

Signatures needed include: Major advisor, registrar and vice president for academic affairs.