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Staff & Faculty Directory

All numbers can be dialed from off campus by adding (573) 288 before the extension.

Allison, Scotty, email: sallison@culver.edu, ext. 6393
Alvarez, Kanwal, email: kalvarez@culver.edu, ext. 6563
Andress-Martin, Holly, email: handress@culver.edu, ext. 6421
Arnett, Wendy, email: warnett@culver.edu, ext. 6443
Arnsman, Rhonda, email: rarnsman@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Aschemann, Saadia, email: saschemann@culver.edu, ext. 6378
Atwell, Pat, email: patwell@culver.edu, ext. 6424
Baker, Amy, email: abaker@culver.edu, ext. 6493
Baker, Ethen, email: ekb927@culver.edu, ext.6313
Baker, Lynn, email: lbaker@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Barton, Skip, email: sbarton@culver.edu, ext. 6300
Bash, Nancy, email: nbash@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Bastian, Jonathan, email: jbastian@culver.edu
Bastian, Jordan, email: jreynolds@culver.edu, ext. 6379
Berhorst, Kelly, email: keberhorst@culver.edu, ext. 6362
Biggerstaff, Susie, email: sbiggerstaff@culver.edu, ext. 6305
Bishop, Rose, email: rbishop@culver.edu
Boren, Carla, email: cboren@culver.edu, ext. 6463
Boxdorfer, Bill, email: bboxdorfer@culver.edu, ext. 6571
Bozarth, Diane, email: dbozarth@culver.edu, ext. 6473
Brant, Edward, email: ebrant@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Bringer, Michael, email: mbringer@culver.edu, ext. 6528
Bringer, Traci, email: tbringer@culver.edu, ext. 6443
Brown, Kris, email: kbrown@culver.edu
Burbridge, Teresa, email: tburbridge@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Burger, Alissa, email: aburger@culver.edu, ext. 6350
Burgin, Janette, email: jburgin@culver.edu, ext. 6311
Burton, Connie, email: cburton@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Buttig, Jenny, email: jbuttig@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Cabrera, Daniel, email: dcabrera@culver.edu, ext. 6357
Cameron, Kristin, email: kcameron@culver.edu
Campbell, D'Ann, email: dcampbell@culver.edu, ext. 6451
Carmichael, Rob, email: rcarmichael@culver.edu, ext. 6304
Carrothers, David, email: dcarrothers@culver.edu, ext. 6383
Casebier, Diane, email: dcasebier@culver.edu, ext. 6495
Catalano, Megan, email: mcatalano@culver.edu, ext. 6570
Clapp, Michelle, email: mclapp@culver.edu, ext. 6492
Clark, Anjay, email: aclark@culver.edu, ext. 6379
Claus, Mary, email: mclaus@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Cochell, Gary, email: gcochell@culver.edu, ext. 6361
Coley, Peter, email: pcoley@culver.edu, ext. 6484
Cosgrove, James, email: jcosgrove@culver.edu, ext. 6345
Cox, Brian, email: bcox@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Crabtree, Jenna, email: jcrabtree@culver.edu, ext. 6302
Crisp, Brandon, email: bcrisp@culver.edu, ext. 6456
Crowcroft, Harry, email: hcrowcroft@culver.edu
Cunningham, Tesh, email: ncunningham@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Davidson, Brian, email: bdavidson@culver.edu, ext. 6392
Davis, Kristina, email: althoff@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Deege, Susan, email: sdeege@culver.edu, ext. 6352
DesJean, Jennifer, email: jdesjean@culver.edu, ext. 6311
DeWaard, Chad, email: cdewaard@culver.edu, ext. 6694
DeWitt, Lisa, email: ldewitt@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Douglas, Katie, email: kdouglas@culver.edu
Drew, Sean, email: sdrew@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Dyer, Kay, email: edyer@culver.edu, ext. 6377
El-Bermawy, Mohamed, email: melbermawy@culver.edu, ext. 6344
Ellis, Jimmy, email: jellis@culver.edu, ext. 6404
Ellison, Janet, email: jellison@culver.edu
Ellison, Marjorie, email: mellison@culver.edu, ext. 6541
Ellison, Tammy, email: tellison@culver.edu, ext. 6641
Evans, Ernest, email: eevans@culver.edu, ext. 6375
Farley, Kelsey, email: kfarley@culver.edu, ext. 6531
Farr, Sharon, email: sfarr@culver.edu, ext. 6543
Feldkamp, Gary, email: gfeldkamp@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Fisher, Kellie, email: kfisher@culver.edu, ext. 6454
Ford, Kathy, email: kford@culver.edu, ext. 6457
Freels, Cindy, email: cfreels@culver.edu, ext. 6511
Fuller, Paul, email: pfuller@culver.edu, ext. 6426
Fusselman, Joni, email: jfusselman@culver.edu, ext. 6385
Gaither, Kim, email: kgaither@culver.edu, ext. 6340
Gengenbacher, Michelle, email: mgengenbacher@culver.edu, ext. 6307
Gill, Chris, email: cgill@culver.edu, ext. 6334
Gillett, Emily, email: egillett@culver.edu, ext. 6445
Giltner, Scott, email: sgiltner@culver.edu, ext. 6382
Gorrell, Larry, email: lgorrell@culver.edu, ext. 6471
Gosik, Amanda, email: agosik@culver.edu
Gosik, Gerald, email: ggosik@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Green, Lori, email: lgreen@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Greenwell, Randy, email: rgreenwell@culver.edu, ext. 6352
Gunsauls, Theresa, email: tgunsauls@culver.edu, ext. 6423
Hall, Marian, email: mhall@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Heaton, Haidee, email: hheaton@culver.edu, ext. 6434
Henderson, Debra, email: dhenderson@culver.edu, ext. 6512
Hoffman, Dana, email: dhoffman@culver.edu, ext. 6549
Hoffman, Jay, email: jhoffman@culver.edu, ext. 6534
Hollinger, Trent, email: thollinger@culver.edu, ext. 6418
Holt, Melissa, email: mholt@culver.edu, ext. 6417
Hotle, Patrick, email: photle@culver.edu, ext. 6394
Huebotter, Chris, email: chuebotter@culver.edu, ext. 6542
Hufford, Steve, email: shufford@culver.edu
Hunt, Rev. Matthew, email: mhunt@culver.edu, ext. 6378
James, Karen, email: kjames@culver.edu, ext. 6318
Janney, Dell Ann, email: djanney@culver.edu, ext. 6388
Jarvis, Robin, email: rjarvis@culver.edu, ext. 6362
Job, Heather, email: hjob@culver.edu
Johnson, Jeanne, email: jjohnson@culver.edu, ext. 6366
Jorgensen, Joe, email: jjorgensen@culver.edu, ext. 6368
Karch, Susie, email: skarch@culver.edu, ext. 6318
Kase, James, email: jkase@culver.edu
Kay, Angela, email: akay@culver.edu, ext. 6540
Kemner, Caren, email: ckemner@culver.edu, ext. 6357
Keppner, Angela, email: akeppner@culver.edu
Kerns, Pat, email: pkerns@culver.edu, ext. 6000
King, Alan, email: aking@culver.edu, ext. 6426
King, Diana, email: dking@culver.edu, ext. 6433
Kirkham, Kendall, email: kkirkham@culver.edu, ext. 6360
Kniel, Eric, email: kniel@culver.edu, ext. 6506
Kocks, Kevin, email: kkocks@culver.edu, ext. 6374
Kroeger, Brian, email: bkroeger@culver.edu, ext. 6450
Larson, Eric, email: elarson@culver.edu, ext. 6432
Liesen, Joseph, email: jliesen@culver.edu, ext. 6480
Logsdon, Beth, email: blogsdon@culver.edu, ext. 6491
Logsdon, Tammy, email: tlogsdon@culver.edu, ext. 6466
Lovelace, Dawnie Jo, email: dlovelace@culver.edu, ext. 6467
Loyd, Leslie, email: lloyd@culver.edu, ext. 6533
Mackey, Ciara, email: cmackey@culver.edu, ext. 6464
Mahoney, Dan, email: dmahoney@culver.edu, ext. 6358
Mandrell, Kara, email: kmandrell@culver.edu, ext. 6536
Markovich, Kathy, email: kmarkovich@culver.edu, ext. 6471
Marney, Dylan, email: dmarney@culver.edu, ext. 6351
Marney, Katie, email: kmarney@culver.edu, ext. 6478
Martin, Jessica, email: jmartin@culver.edu, ext. 6355
Martinez, Lisa, email: lmartinez@culver.edu
Mason, Antoine, email: amason@culver.edu, ext. 6390
Mathieson, Carol, email: cmathieson@culver.edu, ext. 6435
Mathieson, Patti, email: pmathieson@culver.edu, ext. 6465
Mayer, Judy, email: jmayer@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Mazzoccoli, Jesse, email: jmazzoccoli@culver.edu, ext. 6413
McBee, Misty, email: mmcbee@culver.edu, ext. 6507
McBride, Seth, email: smcbride@culver.edu, ext. 6381
McCutchan, Cindy, email: cmccutchan@culver.edu, ext. 6405
McDavid, Jr., Charles, email: cmcdavid@culver.edu
McFarland, Kevin, email: kmcfarland@culver.edu, ext. 6313
McReynolds, Karla, email: kmcreynolds@culver.edu, ext. 6544
Meacher, Gary, email: gmeacher@culver.edu, ext. 6367
Miller, Andy, email: amiller@culver.edu, ext. 6565
Miller, Kent, email: kmiller@culver.edu, ext. 6373
Miller, Steve, email: smiller@culver.edu, ext. 6440
Mitchell, Erica, email: emitchell@culver.edu, ext. 6469
Moon, Corey, email: cmoon@culver.edu
Moon, Susan, email: smoon@culver.edu, ext. 6441
Mowen, Joni, email: jmowen@culver.edu, ext. 6524
Murray, Jean, email: jmurray@culver.edu
Murphy, Alissa, email: amurphy@culver.edu, ext. 6526
Myers, Debra, email: dmyers@culver.edu, ext. 6316
Nelson, Keri, email: knelson@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Nicholas, Stacey, email: snicholas@culver.edu
Norris, Marshawn, email: mln907@culver.edu, ext. 6645
Oliver, Kelli, email: koliver@culver.edu
Ordell, Blake, email: bordell@culver.edu, ext. 6392
Otte, Sierra, email: sotte@culver.edu, ext. 6506
Parker, Morgan, email: mparker@culver.edu, ext. 6477
Phillips, Kathy, email: kphillips@culver.edu, ext. 6341
Phillips, Stephanie, email: sphillips@culver.edu, ext. 6362
Polett, Jane, email: jpolett@culver.edu, ext. 6354
Polett, Tom, email: tpolett@culver.edu, ext. 6354
Powell, Kali, email: kpowell@culver.edu, ext. 6342
Prather, Dominique, email: dprather@culver.edu
Prenger, Melinda, email: mprenger@culver.edu
Quigley, Brenda, email: bshaw@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Reardon, Sarah, email: sreardon@culver.edu, ext. 6568
Redd, Gaye, email: gredd@culver.edu, ext. 6303
Reinhardt, John, email: jreinhardt@culver.edu, ext. 6365
Rieffer, Stephanie, email: srieffer@culver.edu, ext. 6413
Ryan, Toni, email: toryan@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Sadler, Bob, email: rsadler@culver.edu 6436
Salsman, Bradley, email: bsalsman@culver.edu, ext. 6424
Salter, Frank, email: fsalter@culver.edu
Schellenberger, Lauren, email: lschellenberger@culver.edu, ext. 6429
Schild, John, email: jschild@culver.edu, ext. 6532
Schmitz, Stephanie, email: sschmitz@culver.edu, ext. 6333
Schneider, Bill, email: wschneider@culver.edu, ext. 6391
Schrader, Jack, email: jschrader@culver.edu, ext. 6645
Schrage, Tim, email: tschrage@culver.edu, ext. 6443
Schroer, Melody, email: mschroer@culver.edu, ext. 6397
Scott, Jackie, email: mscott@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Seals, Troy, email: tseals@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Seegulam, Esa, email: mseegulam@culver.edu, ext. 6319
Sheehan, William Jr., email: wsheehan@culver.edu, ext: 6395
Shepherd, Melinda, email: mshepherd@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Shuman, Sherry, email: sshuman@culver.edu, ext. 6335
Sigler, Steve, email: ssigler@culver.edu, ext. 6573
Silber, Dan, email: dsilber@culver.edu, ext. 6364
Sorenson, Amanda, email: asorenson@culver.edu, ext. 6420
Sousa, Jenny, email: jsousa@culver.edu, ext. 6343
Spencer, Bryan, email: bspencer@culver.edu
St. Juliana, Linda, email: lstjuliana@culver.edu
Stiles, Kelli, email: kstiles@culver.edu, ext. 6630
Stormer, Ron, email: pstormer@culver.edu, ext. 6485
Straus, Julie, email: jstraus@culver.edu, ext. 6314
Strub-Lay, Amber, email: alc236@culver.edu, ext. 3639
Summary, Jennifer, email: jsummary@culver.edu, ext. 6349
Sutton, Susie, email: ssutton@culver.edu, ext. 6472
Talafha, Abdallah, email: atalafha@culver.edu, ext. 6389
Taylor, Barb, email: btaylor@culver.edu, ext. 6320
Thomas, Christe, email: cthomas@culver.edu, ext. 6332
Thompson, Elizabeth, email: ethompson@culver.edu, ext. 6468
Thompson, Kathleen, email: kthompson@culver.edu, ext. 6511
Tomlinson, Tyler, email: ttomlinson@culver.edu, ext. 6371
Tryon, Kim, email: ktryon@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Uhlmeyer, Kim, email: kuhlmeyer@culver.edu, ext. 6301
Ulrich, Gerald, email: gulrich@culver.edu, ext. 6379
Van Houzen, Aren, email: avanhouzen@culver.edu, ext. 6346
Walker, Brian, email: bwalker@culver.edu, ext. 6324
Walsh, Andy, email: awalsh@culver.edu, ext. 6376
Washington, Kristina, email: kwashington@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Watkins, Riley, email: rwatkins@culver.edu, ext. 6549
Weathers-Scott, Joy, email: jscott@culver.edu, ext. 6313
Wells, Bill, email: wwells@culver.edu, ext. 6300
Whiston, Cindy, email: cwhiston@culver.edu, ext. 6438
Whiston, Deanne, email: dwhiston@culver.edu, ext. 6378
Wiseman, Tina, email: twiseman@culver.edu, ext. 6306
Worden, Butch, email: dworden@culver.edu, ext. 6300
Wright, Julie, email: jwright@culver.edu, ext. 6640
Yates, Debbie, email: dyates@culver.edu, ext. 6341
York, Mike, email: myork@culver.edu, ext. 6348