AP Credit

Advanced Placement (AP) Score Equivalencies

If you have you been taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes in high school and have done well on the AP tests, you may have already satisfied the requirements for some college courses at Culver-Stockton. Check out the chart below to see whether you qualify for college credit.

Advanced Placement CourseScore RequiredHours GrantedInstitutional Courses Satisfied
American Gov/Politics33Pos 205
American History33His 107 or His 108
Art History33Art 240 or Art 241
Studio Art - Drawing33Art 115
Biology44Bio 110
Calculus AB34Mat 120
Calculus BC34Mat 120
Chemistry33Che 251
Comparative Gov/Politics33Pos 304
Computer Science A33Computer Science elective
Computer Science AB33Computer Science elective
Environmental Science33Natural Science elective
European History33His 235
English Language & Comp33Eng 101
English Literature & Comp33Eng 202
French Language33Frn 106
French Literature33French elective
German Language33Ger 106
Human Geography33Geo 201
Latin/Vergil33Latin elective
Latin/Catullus, Horace33Latin elective
Macroeconomics33Eco 201
Microeconomics33Eco 202
Music Theory33Mus 101
Psychology33Psy 102
Physics B33Phy 201
Physics C - Mechanics33Physics elective
Physics C - Elec/Magnetism33Physics elective
Spanish Language33Spn 106
Spanish Literature33Spanish elective
Statistics33Mat 205
Studio Art: 2D33Art 120
Studio Art: 3D33Art elective
World History33His 105