Scheduling is completed by the Intramurals Office the day after all entry forms are due. Games are scheduled around College-related events to encourage the greatest amount of participation possible.

In the event of a postponement or cancellation, the Intramurals Office notifies all team captains as soon as possible. Captains are responsible for notifying their team members. When there is a question of weather, the cancellation notice is posted on the Intramurals Bulletin Board. Rescheduling of individual games is allowed as long as the office is notified by noon the day of the game.

In the event a team does not have the allotted number of players present for a game, a 10-minute grace period is allowed. If within that time, contact is made with a player who is on his or her way to the game, a total of 15 minutes is allowed. After the 15-minute grace period, teams may play with less players than required for fun-only. The game is still be recorded as a forfeit for the team that does not have the required number of players.

A team is allowed one forfeit per intramural sport. In the event of a second forfeit, the team forfeits the remainder of the season.

Rules of Conduct
Good sportsmanship is expected of all intramural event participants at all times. Any person who commits any acts of misconduct is subject to disciplinary procedures to be decided by the intramurals director. Acts of misconduct include, but are not limited to, threatening physical or verbal behavior toward an official or other intramural staff, verbal abuse of an official or intramural staff, and threatening behavior directed toward other participants.

In all incidents of misconduct, the player will be ejected from the game and suspended from all intramural events indefinitely. The player must meet with the intramurals director to determine any additional discipline.

Appeals may not be filed in situations where a judgment call by an official is in question. Appeals are reserved for rule interpretations and questions of player eligibility. In order to file an appeal, a player must contact the intramurals director for an appeals form. The form must be filled out completely and returned to the intramurals director before 5 p.m. the next business day. Upheld player eligibility appeals will result in a forfeit by the team responsible for the infraction.

Officials will be provided for all events by the Intramurals Office. Officiating is done by C-SC students. Participants will refrain from making derogatory comments to the officials and judgment calls by an official may not be protested. Disagreements on matters of rule interpretation and eligibility may be brought to the supervisor on duty by the team captain only. If the team making the protest believes the supervisor is incorrect, an appeal form may be completed and presented to the intramurals director.

The Intramurals Office will provide most equipment for intramural events. The participant must provide however, softball/baseball gloves and cleats. Only rubber cleats are allowed. Proper attire is required for intramural events: shirt, shoes etc. No jewelry or sweatshirts may be worn during games.