What to/Not to Bring

What to Bring

Item Suggestions:
- Clothes and hangers
- Laundry supplies
- Sheets and blankets (for an extra-long twin, 39"x80")
- Waste basket
- Desk lamp (NOT halogen)
- Towels and washcloths
- Small tacks for posters
- Computer
- Pillows
- Alarm Clock
- Medication
- Small bucket to carry toiletries
- Small fan
- Toiletries

Consult with your roommate(s) on the following (Limit 1 per room):
- Countertop microwave
- Stereo
- Refrigerator (Limit 4.6 cubic feet)
- Television
- DVD player

Seasonal Clothes
Summer: Shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals and T-shirts.
Fall and spring: Sweaters, jeans, jackets, socks and shoes.
Winter: Coat, hat, scarf, gloves, boots and layered clothes.

*Any of these items can be purchased at local and regional stores.

What Not to Bring

The following are NOT allowed in the residence hall rooms for safety and security reasons:
- Hot plates
- Toaster ovens
- Candles
- Pets other than fish
- Lofts
- Weapons of any kind
- Over-sized refrigerators and microwaves
- Illegal drugs
- Common-source (such as a keg) and hard alcohol
- Frying pans
- Incense
- Halogen lamps
- Portable heating units
- Air conditioners
- Fireworks