Music Course Instructors

BRASS: Dr. Tom Polett, low brass and horn, and Dr. Aren Van Housen, trumpet. Conducting: Trent Hollinger and Dr. Elliot Jones

ENSEMBLES: Dr. Elliot Jones, choirs, Trent Hollinger, bands, Dr. Carol Mathieson, opera workshop, Dr. Tom Polett and Trent Hollinger, Camerata, and Aren VanHousen, brass quintet director.

JAZZ: Dr. Tom Polett

MUSIC EDUCATION: Dr. Carol Mathieson, Dr. Tom Polett, Dr. Elliot Jones and Linda St. Juliana.

MUSIC HISTORY: Dr. Carol Mathieson

MUSIC THEORY AND ARRANGING: Dr. Aren Van Houzen, Dr. Tom Polett, Dr. Elliot Jones, Trent Hollinger, and Dr. Dylan Marney.

PIANO: Dr. Dylan Marney

PERCUSSION: Skip Thompson

STRINGS: Jane Polett, high strings, and Jesse Mazzocoli, guitar.

VOICE: Dr. Elliot Jones and Dr. Carol Mathieson.

WOODWINDS: Christine Damm, clarinet, Trent Hollinger, saxophone, and Shivhan Dohse, flute.

STAFF: Judie Garkey, fine arts secretary, and Mike (Sparky) York, facilities manager.