Holly Andress-Martin, Lecturer in Higher Education and Associate Dean for Academic Success
Office: Johann Library 303L
Phone: (573) 288-6421
Email: handress@culver.edu

Saadia Aschemann, Associate Lecturer in English
Office: JOH 204
Phone: (573) 288-6378
Email: saschemann@culver.edu

David J. Carrothers, Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice
Office: JOH 115 C
Phone: (573) 288-6383

Gary G. Cochell, Professor of Mathematics and Department Chair of Mathematics
Office: SCI 302A
Phone: (573) 288-6361
Email: gcochell@culver.edu

James M. Cosgrove, Professor of Business Administration
Office: HER 212
Phone: (573) 288-6345

Susan Deege, Senior Lecturer in Business
Phone: (573) 288-6352
Email: sdeege@culver.edu

Chad DeWaard, Associate Professor of Political Science, Associate Division Chair of Applied Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Department Chair of Political Science
Office: JOH 115 A
Phone: (573) 288-6694
Email: cdewaard@culver.edu

Elizabeth Kay Dyer, Coordinator of Foreign Languages
Office: JOH 210A
Phone: (573) 288-6377
Email: edyer@culver.edu

Mohamed El-Bermawy, Professor of Chemistry/Biology
Office: SCI 304
Phone: (573) 288-6344

Kimberly A. Gaither, Associate Professor of Finance and Division Chair of Business, Education and Law
Office: HER 215
Phone: (573) 288-6340

Scott Giltner, Associate Professor of History, Department Chair of History and Experiential Learning Director
Office: JOH 216A
Phone: (573) 288-6382
Email: sgiltner@culver.edu

Randall Greenwell, Assistant Professor of Business
Office: HER 211
Phone: (573) 288-6352
Email: rgreenwell@culver.edu

Haidee R. Heaton, Professor of Theatre and Department Chair of Communications and Theatre
Office: PAC 108
Phone: (573) 288-6434
Email: hheaton@culver.edu

Jay Hoffman, Assistant Professor of Athletic Training, Athletic Training Education Program Director, and Department Chair of Athletic Training
Office: SCI 109
Phone: (573) 288-6534
Email: jhoffman@culver.edu

Trent Hollinger, Associate Professor of Music
Office: PAC 315
Phone: (573) 288-6418
Email: thollinger@culver.edu

Melissa Holt, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Office: JOH 206
Phone: (573) 288-6417
Email: mholt@culver.edu

C. Patrick Hotle, Professor of History, Travel Study Director, and the John A. Sperry, Jr. Endowed Chair of Humanities
Office: JOH 216B
Phone: (573) 288-6394

Dell Ann Janney, Associate Dean of Instruction, MBA Program Chair and Professor of Accounting
Office: HER 201
Phone: (573) 288-6388

Jeanne Elizabeth Johnson, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
Office: HER 302B
Phone: (573) 288-6366
Email: jjohnson@culver.edu

Joseph E. Jorgensen, Professor of Art
Office: HER 107B
Phone: (573) 288-6368

Diana King, Assistant Professor of Education and Department Chair of Education
Office:HEN 303C
Phone: (573) 288-6433

Kendall Kirkham, Instructor of Developmental Education and Coordinator of Student Success
Office: JOH 304D
Phone: (573) 288-6360
Email: kkirkham@culver.edu

Kevin J. Kocks, Instructor of Physical Education and Sport Management and Head Baseball Coach
Office: W.A. Herington Center
Phone: (573) 288-6374

Karen Langton, Visiting Lecturer in Religion
Office: JOH 207A
Email: Klangton@culver.edu

Eric Larson, Lecturer in Business
Office: HER 301 A
Phone: (573) 288-6432

Daniel Mahoney, Lecturer in Sport Management and Department Chair of Sports Managemnet
Office: SCI 305
Phone: (573) 288-6358

Dylan Marney, Assistant Professor of Music and Department Chair of Music
Office: PAC 307
Phone: (573) 288-6351
Email: dmarney@culver.edu

Jessica M. Martin, Lecturer in Communication
Office: JOH 211
Email: jmartin@culver.edu

Seth McBride, Lecturer in Criminal Justice
Office: JOH 115B
Phone: (573) 288-6381
Email: smcbride@culver.edu

Gary Meacher, Assistant Professor of Art and Design and Department Chair of Art
Office: HER 109
Phone: (573) 288-6367

S. Kent Miller, Professor of Theatre, Technical Director and Divison Chair of Fine, Applied and Literary Arts
Office: PAC 308
Phone: (573) 288-6373

Debra K. Myers, Lecturer in Art
Office: HER 101
Phone: (573) 288-6316

Thomas C. Polett, Professor of Music and Associate Division Chair of Fine, Applied and Literary Arts
Office: PAC 304
Phone: (573) 288-6354

Kali Powell, Lecturer in Athletic Training, Associate Athletic Trainer and Clinical Instructor
Office: FH 311
Phone: (573) 288-6342

Sarah Reardon, Associate Lecturer in Biology
Office: SCI 106
Phone: (573) 288-6428
Email: sreardon@culver.edu@culver.edu

Robert Sadler, Professor of Physical Sciences
Office: SCI 203
Phone: (573) 288-6436

Lauren Schellenberger, Associate Professor of Biology and Division Chair of Applied Liberal Arts and Sciences
Office: SCI 206
Phone: (573) 288-6429

William L. Schneider, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Department Chair of Physical Education
Office: SCI 108
Phone: (573) 288-6391

Jack Allen Schrader, Head Men's Basketball Coach and Instructor of Physical Education and Sports Management
Office: FH 201
Phone: (573) 288-6645
Email: jschrader@culver.edu

Melody C. Schroer, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies, Department Chair of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
Office: JOH 115 B
Phone: (573) 288-6397

Muhammad Esa Seegulam, Assistant Professor of Biology and Department Chair of Biology & Chemistry
Office: SCI 205
Phone: (573) 288-6319

Kelli Sue Stiles, Lecturer in Psychology
Office: JOH 206
Phone: (573) 288-6630
Email: kstiles@culver.edu

Ron Stormer, Professor of English and Department Chair of English
Office: JOH 206G
Phone: (573) 288-6485
Email: pstormer@culver.edu

Julie Straus, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Department Chair of Business, Associate Division Chair of Business, Education and Law
Office: HER 209
Phone: (573) 288-6314

Jennifer Summary, Assistant Professor of Communication
Office: JOH 205C
Phone: (573) 288-6349
Email: jsummary@culver.edu

Abdallah Talafha, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Office: SCI 307
Phone: (573) 288-6389
Email: atalafha@culver.edu

Christe Anne Thomas, Senior Lecturer in Athletic Training and Clinical Education Coordinator
Office: SCI 110
Phone: (573) 288-6332

Tyler Lansing Tomlinson, Lecturer in Communication and Head Women's Soccer Coach
Office: JOH 205 B
Phone: (573) 288-6371
Email: ttomlinson@culver.edu

Barbara Tripp, Lecturer in Education
Office: HEN 303 D
Phone: (573) 288-6385

Brian Walker, Lecturer in Physical Education
Office: SCI 107
Phone: (573) 288-6324
Email: bwalker@culver.edu

Andrew D. Walsh, Professor of Religion and Philosophy and Department Chair of Religion & Philosophy
Office: JOH 207
Phone: (573) 288-6376

Cindy Whiston, Assistant Professor of Education
Office: HEN 303B
Phone: (573) 2889-6438
Email: cwhiston@culver.edu

Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing Faculty

Jan Akright, Academic Dean
Erica Fay Alexander, Assistant Professor/Simulation Lab Coordinator
Brenda K. Beshears, President/CEO
Pamela N. Brown, Professor
Linda Burke, Assistant Professor
Sheila Capp, Professor
Ashley Darbyshire, Instructor
Debra Dickman, Assistant Professor
Kimberly Kay Gray, Instructor
Susan Grist, Assistant Professor
Josey Harris, Instructor
Karen Mayville, Admin Coordinator/ Professor
Susan Annette McReynolds, Assistant Professor
Ann O'Sullivan, Assistant Dean, Associate Professor
Lacey Anne Petersen, Instructor
Deborah Race, Assistant Professor
Joan Ruhs, Instructor
Marianne Schmitt, Assistant Professor
Marilyn Shepherd, Associate Professor
Lori Sprenger, Assistant Professor
Barbara Vahle, Assistant Professor
Diana Veihl, Instructor
Brandi Venvertloh, Assistant Professor
Autumn Voss, Assistant Professor
Deborah Walton, Professor
Lila Warning, Assistant Professor
Rebecca White, Instructor
Margaret Williams, Professor