communicationQuote.pngIn the communications program, students develop skills that emphasize both the theory and practice of communication through hands-on media training.




Media Communication: prepares students for news media and other media-related careers including radio production and broadcasting, television production and broadcasting and social network management. For a four-year degree plan, Click Here.

Public Relations: prepares students for media-related careers such as advertising, marketing and public relations. For a four-year degree plan, Click Here.

Sports Communication: prepares the students for a career in sports media, sports information, sports public relations and several other media-related careers. For a four-year degree plan, Click Here.

Student Organizations:

Megaphone, the college's bi-monthly award-winning newspaper
Harmony, the college's award-winning literary magazine
KCSW, the campus radio station
KATZ5, the television studio


Dr. Jennifer Summary
Assistant Professor in Communication
Phone: (573) 288-6349

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