Learn the basic principles and theories of psychology, while developing critical thinking skills through research, speaking and writing. Apply these skills through hands-on involvement in projects, professional conferences and beyond-the-classroom experiences.

Fast Facts:

  • Majors commonly combined with this program include criminal justice, pre-occupational therapy and legal studies.
  • Students often develop a "track" of courses that suits their personal and career interests, such as clinical/counseling psychology, social psychology, experimental psychology, sport psychology or industrial/organizational psychology.
  • To earn a degree in psychology, students must complete 36 credit hours of psychology coursework. Among the required courses are statistics, research methods, developmental courses, experimental courses, applied courses, and another six hours of electives.
  • Psychology majors work in a computerized psychology laboratory. They collect and analyze data, write reports and prepare presentations. 
  • Students are encouraged to author or co-author research papers to publish in professional journals and/or to present at professional conferences.
  • Students are prepared for immediate entry into the job market after graduation or to successfully complete a graduate program.

Dr. Melissa Holt
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone: (573) 288-6417

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