Student Leadership

The Wilfred and Ann Lee Konneker Endowment for Leadership “Visionaries in Higher Education”

Leadership is a process whereby a student of promise, drawing upon integrity and the best values of faith and the human spirit, motivates others to achieve a common goal.

The Wilfred and Ann Lee Konneker Endowment for Leadership was established at Culver-Stockton College in 2013 to support the immersion of leadership development and teachings into the College’s distinctive and innovative approach to student learning. The outcome of the resources gifted to the College by the Konneker’s is to provide a supportive and value based learning environment where students are able to acquire attitudes, knowledge and skills to successfully work with others to accomplish mutual goals. Building one’s self-awareness as a leader through offerings of personal development initiatives and the promotion and understanding of various leadership styles helps students at the College create their own preference on approaches to leading in a vastly changing world.

Annual earnings from the invested principal provide funding that impacts leadership teachings and comprehension in the following ways:

- A freshman course in leadership offered through our “First Year Experience” program initially sets the stage and    
  mindset for student learning through the four-year experience.
  This course offering facilitates a greater understanding of leadership theory and practice along with the importance
  of involved citizenry within a new student’s first semester on campus.

- A “leader in residency program” annually brings exceptional leaders throughout the region, country and world
  to campus to share experiences and knowledge on leadership.
  Individuals selected by our committee on leadership development spend an extended time on campus and deliver a
  joint presentation to both students and other interested parties beyond the campus community, engage and interact
  with classes throughout campus, while teaching small group workshops on “leadership through experiential learning.”
  Click here, for information about upcoming speakers.

- A selective student stipend program for travel to leadership conferences as approved by our committee on leadership
  development and academic dean. For more information or to apply, click here.

Conferences that reflect a variety of leadership development seminars are be considered, including the National Center for Student Leadership, which further leadership training beyond the campus as an integral part of our travel learning program – The C-SC Advantage.

The principal and any retained earnings of the Wilfred and Ann Lee Konneker Endowment for Leadership are governed by the prevailing Culver-Stockton College investment policies as approved by the Board of Trustees.  The annual earnings available for distribution are determined in accordance with the College’s Endowment Spending Policy.