Travel Study

Gain an understanding for other cultures and learn a country’s or area’s history first-hand by choosing from dozens of domestic or international courses for a full semester, summer experience or as part of the 3-week study. The 3-week is part of the 12/3 semester calendar, where students take 3-4 classes in a traditional format during the 12-week term, which leaves students open to focus on just one class, internship or Travel Study during the 3-week term.

Upcoming Courses:

Financial Aid Awards

At C-SC the world is our classroom and we offer two distinctive ways to help you experience travel study. Nearly all of students who apply receive funds.

Travel Study Grant Program
Students may accrue up to $1,500 in travel study grants during their four years to use toward payment of any special fees associated with domestic or international travel courses.

Travel Study Scholarship
Culver-Stockton offers substantial travel study scholarships to students taking international travel study courses. The scholarships range from $500 to $1500 and student can apply for a new scholarship for each international course in which they enroll.

Applications are sought in the spring and fall for the following semester's international travel study courses. The amount of the scholarships is based on financial need, GPA and the answers to five questions relating to how the student will benefit from the experience.

Deadlines for applications are announced each semester. To apply for award dollars go to MyCulver (username and password needed). New students should contact the Travel Study Director for information on how to apply.

Fall 2016:
- Music & History
BELIZE & GUATEMALA -  Biology & History

Spring 2017:
- Twentieth Century European History and Political Science
GHANA -  Disease Control & Psychology of Food

Fall 2017:
- Sports Management
CUBA - Business & Culture

Spring 2018:
- Fine Arts
Culture & Philosophy

Past Courses

Fast Facts:

- Travel courses are offered in nearly every discipline.
- Often two Divisions pair up and travel together for a multi-disciplinary take on a destination, such as the government and music course in Cuba.
- Students are eligible for Travel Study scholarships, in addition to the $1,500 in C-SC Experiential Vouchers they automatically receive by attending Culver-Stockton.
- The 3-week Travel Study courses are offered for three hours of academic credit.
- Courses combine extensive preparation on campus and thoughtful debriefing upon return.


Patrick Hotle, Coordinator of Travel Study Programs
Ph: (573) 288-6394

CLICK HERE to download the Travel Study Handbook.