London & Dublin

Fall 2015, 3-week Travel Study

From an academic perspective Ireland & the U.K offer fantastic opportunities for students to visit and study the European model of sport. The origins of many of the world's most popular sports today lay in the codification of traditional British games. Ireland provides a great contrast to the U.K in that they play traditional Gaelic Games such as Gaelic football & Hurling as well as non-traditional games exported from Britain such as soccer & rugby. This program will take students inside the European Model of Club Sports where they will receive firsthand experience at various facilities, clubs, universities and other sporting organizations and businesses. Course content will include history of sports in Ireland and England, Irish and English governing bodies and current sports culture.
This course will take place during seven days in Dublin and seven days in London.
Sites and experiences: Hurling and Gaelic football, Dublin's Croke Park, Dublin city, London Olympic site, Wimbledon, Lords Cricket Area, Stamford Bridge Stadium.

Instructors: Rob Carmichael and Dan Mahoney
Travel Dates: Fall 3-Week 2015
Estimated cost: $4500 which includes insurance, entry tickets and meals.

Rob Carmichael:
Dan Mahoney:

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