SGA & CPC Showcase

The Student Government Association (SGA) & the Campus Programming Council (CPC) will be hosting the Showcase event at 7:30pm in Meaders Lounge. 

This event is where SGA & CPC show the Student Body all of the Live Performers - Bands, Comedians, Mentalists, Hypnotists, Speakers, etc. Student can come & cast their vote to help possibly bring these performers to C-SC.

FREE Pizza Hut at this event!

10-16-2017 07:30:00
Leaders in the Christian Faith (CMC)

A panel of local church leaders from different branches of Christian faiths will share their understanding of Christianity and answer questions according to the faith they represent.

10-17-2017 11:30:00
Women's Soccer

at Central Methodist

10-17-2017 05:00:00
Exoplanets (ACE)

Dr. Robert Sadler, C-SC Professor of Physical Science, will introduce the techniques for the discovery and investigation of planets that orbit stars other than the Sun, and the possibility of life on these planets.

10-17-2017 06:30:00
Men's Soccer

at Central Methodist

10-17-2017 07:30:00
Women's Golf

at Baker Invitational

10-18-2017 12:00:00
Intramural Volleyball Captain's Meeting
The Office of Intramural Sports hosts the Intramural Volleyball Captain's Meeting at 6:00pm in Meaders Lounge. If you have a team for Intramural Volleyball, a representative MUST be at this meeting tomorrow evening.
For Students without a team, please attend the meeting & we can work to get you on a Intramural Volleyball team.
10-18-2017 06:00:00
Women in the Law (ACE)

Dr. Schroer, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies, and Judge Kelly Lovekamp, an associate justice for the Missouri 1st Judicial Circuit Court in Schuyler County, Missouri will share their experiences as women in the legal field and open the discussion with a Q & A session.

10-19-2017 06:00:00
Women's Volleyball

vs. MidAmerica Nazarene

10-19-2017 06:00:00
The Business Side of the Music Industry Introduced by the Pros (ARC)

Composer and music producer James Chapple will present from Seattle, Washington, via Skype and share what it takes to create, build and run a successful music business and how an artistic passion can be turned into a lucrative career.



10-19-2017 07:00:00
Choir Tour10-20-2017 12:00:00
Journalism and Bias Workshop (CMC)

A discussion group style will be used during this workshop, with the hope that students will learn critical thinking skills that will allow them to assess and discuss topics from different viewpoints. 

10-20-2017 11:40:00
Women's Volleyball

vs. Benedictine

10-20-2017 06:00:00
Choir Tour10-21-2017 12:00:00
Cross Country

Seminole Valley Stampede

at Mount Mercy

10-21-2017 10:30:00
Women's Soccer

vs. Grand View - Senior Day

10-21-2017 12:00:00

at Benedictine

10-21-2017 01:00:00
Men's Soccer

vs. Grand View - Senior Day

10-21-2017 02:30:00
Choir Tour10-22-2017 12:00:00
QSOA: Quincy Area Youth Chorus Fall Concert (ARC)

Students wishing to obtain ACE credit should bring a program from this event to the Registrar's Office within a week of the concert. 

10-22-2017 06:00:00