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For the second year in a row, the Kansas City Alumni Association (KCAA) has made a lifelong impact on a student, while committing themselves to humanitarian efforts that improve the lives of hundreds of people. Kendyll Dhans, freshman nursing and psychology major, was awarded the opportunity to travel to Jamaica to participate in a medical/ dental mission trip through a full sponsorship from the KCAA. The mission trip was coordinated by the North Kansas City Rotary Club and fifty health care professionals participated in the trip, Feb. 8-17.
Kendyll is the second student sent on a mission trip to Jamaica by Kansas City Alumni Association. Last year, Miranda Raevsky was given the opportunity. Coincidentally, Miranda is Kendyll’s “big” in their sorority, Sigma Kappa. Miranda helped to prepare Kendyll for her trip. Both Kendyll and Miranda are Pillars for Excellence Scholars.
“I felt so lucky to have Miranda show me pictures and help me know what to expect,” said Kendyll. “It was nice to have a little idea of what I was going to be doing.”
The experience was eye opening for Kendyll. In addition to giving her practical experience for her future career, Kendyll also gained perspective for how people around the world live. It was her first time out of the country.
“It was crazy to me that we would be driving to clinics in very rural places, some of which did not even have running water. The people there were in extreme poverty in need of basic health care. And then right next to them would be lavish resorts,” said Kendyll.
According to Kendyll, some of the biggest challenges the group faced were getting around governmental regulations to be able to provide care to patients. Despite the hurdles faced by the volunteers, they still managed to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of patients. Kendyll assisted in patient triage at some clinics, and even got to give a hand in dental procedures.
Many alumni and trustees were involved with the fundraising for Kendyll’s experience, and several even went on the mission trip themselves, including former trustee Rev. Dr. Bob Magee ‘59, who coordinated the trip, and current trustee and dentist, Dr. Clark Todd.
“It makes me so proud to be a student at Culver-Stockton because we have a great alumni base that supports the students,” said Kendyll. “I don’t just read my lessons in text books; I get to actively participate in my education.”

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