Class Notes

Ione (Covey) Barham '48 is retired and shares her home with her youngest son, his wife, and grandson in Shreveport, La. She has a son living in Seattle, Wash., and a daughter living in Norman, Okla.

Knute Skinner '51 has recently had "Concerned Attentions," his fifteenth collection of poetry published and launched in September by the publisher, Salmon Poetry. He continues to live in County Clare, Ireland, with his spouse, Edna Faye Kiel. A limited edition of his poems, translated into Italian, was published in 2011. A memoir, "Help Me to a Getaway," was published by Salmon in March 2010.

Reggie (Giovanazzi) Long '65 retired after 45 years as first grade teacher in Marion, Iowa and moved to Roslyn, Wash.

Patty (Farrell) Casko '66 lives in Portage, Ind., where she is retired from teaching. She fondly remembers when her family owned and operated the former Dog 'n Suds Drive-In in Canton. In her retirement she works part-time as a nanny.

Bev (Reeves) Twillman '69 and her husband, Norb, live in Harrison, Idaho. They have three children, Scott, Jennifer and David. Bev is an award winning professional storyteller and interpretive trainer. She has one book published and is writing another regarding the benefit of creativity, specifically in education. They have lived the last 10 years on their ranch in Northern Idaho, located in the Bitterroot Mountain Range.

Darwin Cox '73 retired from baseball scouting in 2011. He spent 25 years in scouting which included 20 years with the Colorado Rockies and five years with the Pittsburg Pirates and Cincinnati Reds. He was named Scout of Year in 1996. Dar signed eight Major League Players, the most notable being Jason Jennings a pitcher for the Rockies who was named Rookie of the Year in 2002. He was awarded the Topps All Star Scout Award in 2002. He also has two players left in the Minor Leagues that should make it to the Majors. After retirement, Dar is a household engineer taking care of his three children, Jordan Marie, Sidney Jean, and Abraham James. Dar and Valerie live in Frisco, Texas, with their children.

Steven Samiec '73 is an orthotist for CH Martin Co. in Marietta, Ga. Steven and his wife, Terry, live in Powder Springs, Ga.

Jack '74 and Diane Golden have moved to Santa Ana, Calif. He is still serving as chief assistant for the Orange County Counsel in Santa Ana.

Susan (Walz) Hardee '83 is the proud grandmother of Gwendolyn Marie Carpenter, born Oct. 30 to Stephanie (East) and Jason Carpenter. Great-grandmother is Barbara (Nelson) Haupt '56.

Bobbi Walker '85 is an elementary counselor at Cass-Midway R-1 School District in Cleveland, Mo. She is planning to retire at the end of this school year. She has two grown children, Tyler and Traci.

Dr. Derek Mallett '92 recently had his book about World War II published. Dr. Mallett is a World War II historian of the Joint Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Command in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Linnea (VanWingeren) Fryman-Viniard '94 is a legal assistant for Harwood-Jackson Law Office in Paducah, Ky. She lives with her family in Calvert City, Ky.

Amy (McGinnis) Blowers '97 has been named Volusia Online Learning Teacher of the Year. She lives in Port Orange, Fla., with her husband, Timothy, and children, Matthew, Megan, Michael, Jeremy and Joseph (TJ). Amy is completing an EdD in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in instruction. Her goal is to teach future educators. She has also been elected a member of Alpha Chi and named Grand Canyon University Today's Inspirational Online Learning Student and was featured in its magazine.

Amy (Knepper) Pflasterer '97 and her husband, Chris, live in High Ridge, Mo., with their children, Jenson and Elise. Amy is a photography and yearbook teacher for Northwest High School in Cedar Hill, Mo.

Kurt '97 and Carrie (Gordanier) '99 Schuett reside in Libertyville, Ill. Kurt recently signed a book deal with a major publishing company for his urban suspense thriller; it will be released during the Summer of 2014 in print and all e-book venues.

Ericka (Crump) Wagoner '03 and her husband, James, live in Steedman, Mo., with their son, James T. Wagoner III, born in January 2013. Ericka is a claim representative for Auto-Owners Insurance.

Toby O'Cheltree '07 is an industrial account manager for Knapheide Manufacturing in Quincy, Ill. Toby resides in Hannibal, Mo.

Airen Ferguson '10 is an administrative assistant for Hannibal Regional Healthcare System in Hannibal, Mo.

Ethan Bragg '13 is an admissions and financial aid counselor at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Mo.

Phylica Grayson '13 is the life enhancement director of Chariton Park Health Care Center in Salisbury, Mo. Phylica lives in Columbia, Mo.

Meghan Townley '13 is working for KHQA news station in Quincy, Ill., as a reporter and weekend weather anchor.

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