Travel to Jamaica

Miranda Raevsky
May 8, 2013

Raevsky was provided this opportunity through a full sponsorship from the Kansas City Alumni Association (KCAA). Many alumni were already involved with this service trip and the KCAA decided to sponsor a student as a special way to participate.

Raevsky traveled to Jamaica with fifty health service professionals Feb. 9-18, 2013. While in Jamaica, Raevsky assisted in the running of health clinics. Thousands of people were seen during the nine days the group was in Jamaica. “Our dentist performed more than 500 dental surgeries for folks in real pain and suffering.  They were among the 2,500 Jamaicans helped by the largest outside mission group in the U.S. according to the Jamaica Ministry of Health,” said Dr. Robert Magee ’59. Magee was the coordinator for the entire trip, which was in affiliation with the North Kansas City Rotary Club and the Northminster Presbyterian Church of Kansas City. “We hope the touching of these lives and saving a few from death is an investment in the future.” 

The effect the mission group had on the patients was truly life changing. “Among patients treated was Clive who lost both legs in a power line accident.  We gave him a three wheel card called PET-Personal Energy Transportation.  It works like a bike but uses his arms and upper body strength to move from his home to his friends’ homes and to the stores.  Clive had a big smile as he went to the grocery store for the first time last Friday.  He went down the street facing two lines of traffic waving at everyone and smiling.  Cars were honking and cheering him on,” said Magee.

Raevsky was also accompanied by Culver-Stockton trustee, Dr. Clark Todd of Canton, Mo. This was Todd’s second time to Jamaica. “Trips like these are important because they remind you that something that we might view as insignificant can make a big difference in another individual's quality of life,” said Todd.

For Miranda, this opportunity was an unexpected, yet amazing experience. “I never thought I would have the opportunity to do something like this. I want to thank everyone so much because it was such an amazing opportunity,” said Raevsky. While in Jamaica, Raevsky met multiple contacts to give her recommendations and help advance her career, including a medical doctor who works in an Emergency Room in Kansas City. The doctor has given Raevsky the generous invitation to shadow her during an E.R. shift. Raevsky also plans on talking with the contacts she met in Jamaica about a possible internship. “Going on this mission trip really affirms my passion for continuing my path to medical school,” said Raevsky.  “After this experience I am completely sure that I want to enter the medical field for my career.”

The Kansas City Alumni Association plans to continue sponsoring a student for future service trips. This is a truly honorable goal, for many reasons. Not only did many alumni go to Jamaica to work themselves, they exemplified the Rotary Club’s mission, “Service Above Self,” by providing an extra volunteer for the effort and giving a student the opportunity of a lifetime.