A Vision for Our Future Campaign

A Message from our National Campaign Chairman, 
Ronald W. Leftwich ’64

Culver-Stockton College has launched a comprehensive campaign for the first time in more than 20 years. In that time, many good projects were completed, which have helped us continue to provide a great education for our students. And those projects were completed with the help of dedicated alumni, outstanding friends of the College and understanding foundations and corporations. For this help, we continue to say thank you. Now, we are taking a much larger step toward the future of Culver-Stockton College. A future that requires us to “Do Something Different!

At the Spring 2011 Culver-Stockton College Board of Trustees meeting, the trustees took a significant charge forward in our commitment to advance the great reputation of Culver- Stockton College by unanimously endorsing this dynamic campaign. We did this to strengthen the student experience and to support our drive to grow enrollment. We want to make our College an even greater force in the higher education landscape.

The trustees’ decision to launch the campaign is an expression of our confidence in and excitement about the College’s future.

The thrill of being able to announce a campaign, participate in this major event for the College, see a wellness center and other facilities changes become reality, add to the Endowment, continue to meet the needs of the annual fund and fulfill the education plans for our students will drive us toward the goal of $10.4 million. We, as trustees, understand the need for added commitment during the next three years, and we will help lead the way to ensure the campaign is a roaring success.

Culver-Stockton College graduates are the best, and we want to see many more students become outstanding alums. A successful campaign will help ensure we continue to provide our students of promise a superb education. Please share in the excitement felt by the trustees and across the campus for this step toward the future with your generous gift to the campaign.

Ronald W. Leftwich ’64
Chair, Board of Trustees
Culver-Stockton College