Criminal Justice

Men and women interested in working with people and improving society will find a career in criminal justice satisfying. Some of the potential career tracks are local, state, and federal law enforcement or corrections; various types of protective services; private security; and graduate school.

The criminal justice program provides educational preparation for students desiring entry-level positions in both public and private agencies concerned with the administration of justice. The major is founded on a broad-based liberal education and is designed to provide the student with knowledge specific to the institutions and processes of criminal justice.

Fast Facts:

- Gain hands-on experience through various internship opportunities.
- Students can do the general criminal justice track, or a specialization in Forensic Accounting.
- Courses are offered in an 8-week accelerated format.


Forensic Accounting: For students interested in investigating fraudulent activities specific to financial record keeping, forensic accounting includes a blend of business courses and Criminal Justice.


Brandon Crisp '07
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