Alumni Associations


Making a positive impact on their communities by doing service projects, such as Habitat for Humanity, and Campus Clean-Up programs.

Student Recruitment
From time to time, chapters are asked to serve as admission representatives in their areas. This is a great place for alumni to meet the next generation of Wildcats and to share their experiences with them. Making a personal connection truly makes a difference.

Chapters often hold social functions to help our alumni stay connected in their area. This is a great way to share memories, network with fellow alumni or just catch up on what is happening on "the Hill."

Career Networking
The C-SC Alumni Association and its members offer advice, guidance, support and fellowship to other alumni. Many chapters develop networking opportunities for new grads and fellow alumni.

Select from the chapter list below, to find out more information about a local chapter.

For more information on how to form a chapter near you, email with questions.

Click here for the By-Laws of the Culver-Stockton College Independent Alumni Association.

Chicago Alumni Association

Our mission is to (re)connect with Culver-Stockton College and with one another. We want to ENGAGE our fellow alumni and friends in the celebration of our common bonds; ENCOURAGE the pride we feel for our Alma Mater and the giving back of our gifts, talents and time; and EXCITE each of us to share the Culver-Stockton experience with future students.

Chicago Alumni Association Officers:
Kathleen (Burnham) March ’89, President
Karen (Ely) Sterling ’66, Vice President
Giselle Walsh ’89, Secretary
Percy Thomas ’04, Treasurer
Scott Clodfelter ’85, Communications Chair

Kansas City Alumni Club

The Kansas City Alumni Association is located in a 60 mile radius around Kansas City, Mo., where more than 500 alumni reside. The mission of the Kansas City Alumni Association is to foster lifelong, engaging relationships, between Alumni and students (both current and future). In addition, the association promotes Culver-Stockton College within the greater Kansas City community.

Kansas City Alumni Association Organizers:
Kent Clow '78
Rick Duplissie '99
Jon Hart '05
'Whitey' Krause '60
Ken Logsdon '60
Rev Dr. Bob Magee '59
Ben Martin '75
Aaron Niemeier '00
Trent Platz '06
Stacy Raith '83
HB Turner '79

Mid Missouri Alumni Club

The Mid-Missouri Alumni Association is located in a 60 mile radius around the Columbia, Mo., area where over 500 alumni reside. The mission of the Mid-Missouri Alumni Association is to foster communication and engagement between Culver-Stockton College and area alumni/friends through meaningful off-campus programming.

Mid-Missouri Alumni Association Organizers:
Pam (Moser) Hunsaker ’83
Mark Hunsaker ’84
Kevin Dingman ’86

St. Louis Alumni Club

The St. Louis Alumni Association is located in a 60 mile radius around the metro area where over 1,400 alumni reside. Our vision is to create unique and fun opportunities to strengthen and rekindle local alumni relationships with the college and with each other while fostering alumni pride and celebrating the value of our shared collegiate experience.

St. Louis Alumni Association Organizers:
Nate Zelinske ’99
Nikki (Mercer) Fettig ’00
Leslie Johnson ’02
Casey Rubottom ’03
Matt Luebbers ’00
Carrie Benson ‘99
Ann Wilson ’86
Mike Wilson ’85
Pat Loesch ‘73

TriState Alumni Club

The Tri-State Alumni Association is located in a 60 mile radius around Quincy, Ill., where over 2,700 alumni reside. The group that is currently being organized as a social and professional networking tool to better connect Culver-Stockton College alumni in the Tri-State area (Southeast Iowa, Northeastern Missouri, West Central Illinois).

Tri State Alumni Association Organizers:
Want to be a leader and help plan activities for this Alumni Association give us a call!