Item Suggestions:

  • Clothes and hangers
  • Laundry supplies
  • Sheets and blankets (for an extra-long twin, 39"x80")
  • Waste basket
  • Desk lamp (NOT halogen)
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Small tacks for posters
  • Computer
  • Pillows
  • Alarm Clock
  • Medication
  • Small bucket to carry toiletries
  • Small fan
  • Toiletries

Consult with your roommate(s) on the following (Limit 1 per room):

  • Countertop microwave
  • Stereo
  • Refrigerator (Limit 4.6 cubic feet)
  • Television
  • DVD player

Seasonal Clothes
Summer: Shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals and T-shirts.
Fall and spring: Sweaters, jeans, jackets, socks and shoes.
Winter: Coat, hat, scarf, gloves, boots and layered clothes.

*Any of these items can be purchased at local and regional stores.


The following are NOT allowed in the residence hall rooms for safety and security reasons:

  • Hot plates
  • Toaster ovens
  • Candles
  • Pets other than fish
  • Lofts
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Over-sized refrigerators and microwaves
  • Illegal drugs
  • Common-source (such as a keg) and hard alcohol
  • Frying pans
  • Incense
  • Halogen lamps
  • Portable heating units
  • Air conditioners
  • Fireworks