Three-week courses are designated by a 3 following the letter in the section field - for example P3, Q3, R3, S3, U3, V3, W3 
(T3 will not be used to designate a 3 week course)
To sort by a certain criteria, click on the heading you wish to sort. PLEASE NOTE: Domestic (DT) and International (IT) travel courses are designated by an entry in the Travel/Fee column. These courses will have a travel fee associated with the course. LEGEND FOR GENERAL EDUCATION: CO - Core; EX - Experiential Learning; FA - Fine Arts; HN - Honor; HU - Humanities or Western Culture; IL - Intercultural Learning or Diverse Populations; QL - Quantitative Literacy; SC - Science; SS - Social Science LEGEND FOR DAYS MEET: AR = Arranged; OL = Online; HY = Hybrid Class (both in class and online components); M = Monday; T = Tuesday; W = Wednesday; R = Thursday; F = Friday; SA = Saturday