Cyber-Security (Online)

Cyber Security

About the Program

The cyber-security program is designed to prepare managers or business owners for issues and concerns related to cyber-security. The main focus of these classes is strategic in nature so that management has the confidence to understand, hire and oversee technical personnel to achieve organizational objectives and ensure compliance.

What Makes the Program Distinctive?

C-SC’s cyber-security program gives students the skills necessary to oversee a cyber-security implementation at their organization. Many organizations do not know where to begin in the development of a cybersecurity program. This course of study provides the necessary information to provide a thorough foundation and understanding of the steps needed to successfully secure the organizaiton including its human resources.

The Instructor

These courses are taught in an 8-week online format by Dr. Joseph Liesen who is a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) from the International Information System Security Consortium. Dr. Liesen has over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology and the cyber-security field with Sans certifications in Penetration Testing (GPEN). General Information Security (GSEC), and the GIAC Critical Security Controls (GCCC). Dr. Liesen is a member of the Sans Advisory Board.



Courses consist of 5 courses that can be taken one after the other and can be achieved in one year and taken in any order. 

Introduction to Cyber-Security
A study of the essential terminology and concepts necessary to gain an understanding of the cyber-security environment in which a modern business operates. Topics studied will include threats, vulnerabilities, risk, incident response, computer hardware/software security, continuity planning, compliance and disaster recovery.

Securing the Organization
A study of the critical security controls developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and The Center for Internet Security to enhance organizational security as recommended by government and industry standards and experts.

Intrusion Detection/ Ethical Hacking
A study of both defensive and offensive cyber techniques to provide an understanding of how hackers compromise a system. Ethical hacking techniques will be utilized along with attack concepts to better understand the importance and priorities of cyber-defense.

Cyber-Security Awareness
This course will examine critical concepts, strategies and remedies related to organizational cyber-security that focuses on the weakest link in any cyber-security strategy: the human.

Digital Forensics
A study of techniques and concepts related to determination if a cyber-security breach/crime incident has occurred and how to react if it has occurred. This course will provide tools and methods to understand how to reconstruct what may have happened in an incident and how to organize the findings for an investigation and litigation.

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