Opportunities to Lead

C-SC students can get involved with more than 50 student organizations, nine Greek organizations and 20 varsity sports. Students also can get involved with student government, allowing them represent the best interests of the student body regarding important decisions on campus. Leaders of these student groups can help one get a sense of how important leadership is when trying to keep the organizations moving forward. C-SC also teaches that leadership is not only about having a title or position of power.

Anna Stock ’19

Anna Stock ’19, a biological chemistry and pre-med major from Quincy, Ill., took leadership roles on campus such as being captain of the volleyball team, a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma board and vice president of Alpha Pi. She learned to lead through respect. Stock believes leadership is a lifestyle. A leader does not need to be a dictator, or even have a role of power. “Something I’ve learned about leadership here is that it’s not the role that you’re in, it’s the effort you make reaching out to people around you, and being someone that people can look up to,” she said.