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At Culver-Stockton College, simulations are essential to providing real-world experience that can be used even after graduation. C-SC recreates realistic situations under controlled environments for students to learn by experiencing. Examples of this include the nursing simulation lab, historic role-playing activities and even virtual business management simulations. Usually, students best remember the experiences they have in these simulation-style courses. More so than lectures, these simulations can be memorable and valuable learning tools of teaching.

In 2010, Lisa (Button) Bohan ’14 MBA ’18, an accountancy and finance major of Adel, Iowa, started at Culver-Stockton College. While on “the Hill,” she met a lot of her current best friends as well as the man who became her husband, Dalton Bohan ’11 MBA ’18. At C-SC, Bohan was involved in numerous campus activities. Theater, IMA, volunteer trips and national and international study trips were all a part of what made Bohan’s time at C-SC so meaningful. During college, Bohan participated in numerous simulations that gave her an edge in her future endeavors. She was prepped for both professional and personal financial situations. These included experiential learning simulations in filing taxes, running a business with fellow classmates and meeting business professionals in Chicago. By the end of her four years at C-SC, Bohan learned to be very conscientious with her work and to document everything. After graduating from C-SC, Bohan got married, became a staff accountant at Dot Foods in Mount Sterling, Illinois, and joined her husband in pursuing her masters degree online through Culver-Stockton College. In 2018, Lisa and Dalton Bohan completed their masters. Bohan fondly remembers the great connections she made at C-SC “I was able to get really close with my professors, and those relationships still mean a lot,” Bohan said. Bohan was also profoundly affected by all of the alumni and donors who supported her through her college years. “I just want to tell everyone that every penny counts, I really want to keep giving back so that other students can have great experiences like I did,” Bohan explained. “I have so much to be thankful for at C-SC.”