Students sit outside a tent on the Quad during a reenactment for history class.


Students in Culver-Stockton’s history department are given the tools to know how to read critically, engage in thoughtful research in both primary and secondary sources and learn the craft of careful, detailed writing. Students become acquainted with the people who have made a difference and their ideas, and they begin to understand why events unfold as they do. A history degree trains students to investigate the past, assess primary sources and create evidence-based arguments. Some history majors become historians, but many apply the skills gained during a history degree to other careers.


Studying the past reveals timeless human truths while simultaneously developing highly practical skills valued by graduate/professional schools and employers. Undergraduate majors learn to think with rigor, write with clarity, organize and assess evidence, analyze problems and interpret complex events. Leaders in American business are pleading for colleges to teach graduates to read efficiently, write clearly, reason logically and analyze problems against a background of social information. Historical knowledge is important. If we don’t know where we’ve come from, we can’t know who we are or where we should be headed.


Honor Societies: Phi Alpha Theta, the international history honor society
Professional Experiences: History majors are encouraged to complete at least one internship during their careers. History Education majors will work as a student teacher to complete their degree requirements and become certified to teach.
Travel Study Courses: The history department is a campus leader in travel study. Past study abroad destinations visited are Belize, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Peru, Russia, Sicily and Turkey.
Service Learning: Students in the Environmental History in Belize and Guatemala study abroad course work in teams to raise money for school children in Blue Creek, Belize.
Creative Expression: History majors, especially those in the Stories in Blue and White class, maintain and contribute to the Blue and White Project, an ongoing oral history of Culver-Stockton maintained by the history department. Students learn the craft of producing oral history and then conduct interviews with alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the College.


Our graduates go on to successful careers in a variety of areas, including primary, secondary and higher education, business, law, public service, library science and ministry.


“History is life itself, the very core of our being. To see into the lives of those who came before, to understand their humanity is a truly precious gift that has been bestowed upon me countless times by my professors here.”
–Leslie Wilson ’19


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