Two students participate in a mock trial during one of Melody Schroer's classes


The Legal Studies program is designed to prepare young professionals for a career in the law. Courses in legal research, analysis, writing, procedure and substantive law provide the skills necessary for careers in the paralegal field, human resources, business, legal and court administration, or to continue their studies in law school. Students prepare and argue cases for mock trials, draft documents for civil lawsuits, research complex legal issues, write corresponding memorandum, negotiate and mediate disputes and visit trial and appellate courts. Students obtain further practical experience through internships where they apply the skills and knowledge gained in their coursework to a selected legal setting.


Knowledge of the law and legal systems is important for people in many walks of life. Many professionals need to understand what the legal system is, how it works, how it interrelates with social change, and how it assists people in asserting their rights. Legal studies provides the professional and scholarly skills necessary for a general understanding of the law as well as for law-related careers, law school or further graduate level study.


Student Run Clubs: Legal Studies Student Association Fosters unity and fellowship among students in the Legal Studies program, the pre-law program and other interested students; educates the community about the skills and abilities offered by the legal studies program; promotes the utilization of the legal studies profession.
Professional Experience: Students gain on-the-job training through an internship that allows  them to obtain practical work experience and apply the skills and knowledge gained in their coursework to a legal setting.
Awards and Recognitions: Outstanding Scholar in Legal Studies; Mock Trial Awards - Excellence in Trial Advocacy, Most Improved Attorney, Outstanding Witness


Our graduates go on to careers as paralegals as well as business-related fields, such as a human relations manager or director, compliance officer, business analyst or contract negotiator. Approximately half of our graduates go on to attend law school. C-SC graduates have attended law school at Washington University-St. Louis, University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of Iowa, University of Illinois-Champaign and Southern Illinois University.


“Compared to undergraduates from other institutions, we are much more prepared for law school thanks to Culver-Stockton’s excellent legal studies program.”
–Dana Kramer ’17


The University of Missouri School of Law and C-SC have partnered to offer the Three Plus Three Juris Doctor Program. It gives students an opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree during their fourth year while completing their first year of law school.


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