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The mathematics major at Culver-Stockton has broad training  in varied areas of the subject including providing a foundation for further graduate work in mathematics and preparing secondary and middle school teachers of mathematics. This major is also a perfect fit for students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers. Tutoring mathematics in the TASC Center gives the future teachers first-hand experience helping students with mathematical difficulties. Small class sizes allow the math majors to interact with their professors in a caring setting. Majors have close contact with knowledgeable mathematicians.


Is “A Beautiful Mind” one of your favorite movies? Is your high school calculus teacher in awe of your expertise in sine, cosine and tangent? You might want to consider a math major, which can lead to a dynamic, mind-stimulating career with promising paychecks and opportunities in a variety of industries. In a recent survey of top jobs based on income, work environment and stress levels, mathematician ranked at the top of the list, partly because of its attractive compensation and also because of projected growth in that career.


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Students usually have little difficulty in obtaining positions in middle or high schools, or gaining entrance into engineering, or graduate programs in mathematical fields. Besides mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians, other rewarding career that can emerge from a math major are applied mathematics roles, math instructor, data analysis, architect, economist, mechanical engineer, stockbroker and cryptanalyst.


“Math isn't just about numbers and equations, it's about understanding. This is exactly what the math department here at Culver-Stockton College has taught me to do, further understand mathematics.”
–Miranda Young ’19


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