Alternative Loans

Private educational loans are a good resource when additional funding is needed to supplement the student’s financial assistance. Students who have exhausted their Federal Direct Loan eligibility and other funding sources, may consider borrowing through a private alternative loan company. This option should be carefully considered.

List of Alternative Loan Lenders

In an effort to help students make an informed decision, Culver-Stockton College reviews loan options from various lenders. YOU ARE FREE TO CHOOSE ANY LENDER THAT YOU FEEL BEST SUITS YOUR NEEDS AS A BORROWER.

The College adheres to a Code of Conduct for students loans that prohibits inducements by private lenders. You are not required to select a lender from the link below. FASTChoice is an online comparison solution, customized for Culver-Stockton, to help you make informed decisions regarding a lender. You may apply directly from the FASTChoice website.


What you need to know about private loans

Culver-Stockton College encourages you to take advantage of all sources of federal and state financial aid before borrowing through a private loan company. Similar to car and home loans, lenders have flexibility in setting the interest rate, credit criteria that must be met, and repayment terms.

Application Process

When to Apply

We encourage you to begin the process three-four weeks before the payment due date. This is to ensure there is sufficient time for the lender to process your application, and for you to turn in any requested paperwork to the lender. This also allows the financial aid office time to certify the loan, as it can take up to two weeks to add the loan to a student’s account during peak processing times.

It is best to set up your funding for the academic year to include both the Fall and Spring semesters, from August to May. Note: Summer terms always require a separate application.

Selecting a Lender

Choosing a lender is an important financial decision. Many factors vary among lenders. It’s in your best interest to do some research before making a final decision on choosing a lender. Things to compare among lenders:

If you have questions regarding your private loan application, you should call your chosen lender. You may also contact the financial aid office at 573-288-6000, ext. 6307 or email